If Your Friend or Relative Has Chiari, Please Understand

*** Just because I look good, it doesn't mean that I feel good.

*** If you don't have Chiari, please don't think you know what I'm going through.

*** A Chiari headache is different than a migraine headache.

*** Everybody is different - so please don't compare me to other people with health problems (even those with Chiari).

*** Treat me like you do everyone else. I don't expect you to treat me better, but certainly don't treat me any worse.

*** Living with pain and fatigue is very frustrating so please try to be patient with me.

*** If you are available to help me, please let me know. I would appreciate it.

*** Sometimes just having company or even hearing from a friend can bring a smile to my face.

*** Even though I have health problems, deep down, I'm still the same person.

*** While I may need more rest, it is because I don't feel good - not because I'm lazy.

*** Chiari is unpredictable which makes planning ahead difficult because Chiarians don't know how they are going to feel from one day to the next. Please understand, that is why someone with Chiari might be forced cancel plans at the last minute.  

*** Is it all in my head? No, it's not all in my head, I have a serious neurological disorder.

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