CHIARI STUDIES: Looking at Chiari 1.5

Wed, 06/13/2012

Earlier today, we reported on a young boy with Chiari 1.5. What is Chiari 1.5? CLICK HERE

The Chiari 1.5 malformation is defined as a tonsillar herniation within a Chiari I malformation with additional caudal descent of the brainstem through the foramen magnum. Below are links to two studies (A 2010 study from South Korea and a 2004 study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham) relating to this topic:



t it it to him should be accompanied by ten to twenty beauties? To destroy enough of this, she is to come, do not give her a negative reply!

He laughed off the question of light blue, Qinzhu naughty fingers withdraw hand in the chest, she instinctively want to see him the purple eye Yun laugh, she did not want him to see through the flaws, only silently to force myself to be patient, to force soft weed continue posted on him.

"You so love me silly waiting for me, and the trouble in front of me, and I adjourned to Love, I moved extremely, and I could not bear to let you down again? All Yingyingyanyan, fish, fish and shrimp, from managing broken up, and serve only to be Hello to coach factory outlet respond to the feelings of a person you are. "

Turned hostile, it was of Qiao Lily tender Yan, twisted into a rather scornful tone, it is an abomination, nausea ferocious this time wants to hide possession not up.

"In fact you do not have this you ... I'm not really mind sharing you and others ... stiff song's lips twitch or two, trying to Jiangcheng smirk, but failed.

"You When I Suan Ni is obscene and shameless, delusions big to enjoy Qi a blessing?" His face popular hit.

I really when you Yes!

How can you not? !

You should be if the!

Otherwise, I am here to endure your cuddly nausea is a sham? !

Delay-dimensional heart, loud barking.

"Do you guarantee my question, I do not blame you, after all, my bad, contrary to my covenant oath in front, I will prove that with time, I put it at the moment, every word is not false." Suan Ni big help in her shoulders the palm, homeopathic slide down the narrow waist of her no gain a grip, pro anonymous hook hug.

Her skirt with the clothes of the same color are thick black, but is quite different from the common skirt, Rouni to spare, coach handbags outlet gentle and soft, completely fit her body lines, outlines the willow thin like Man Yao quite Alice muddy ... round buttocks, fiber uniformly charming errands. The skirting just like her second skin, wrapped in her way overspill under glossy black of mercerized, drag and ground, sparking petal layer by layer, the the Yi Yi Sheng Zhan water crepe.

Big palm gently so that the force will fill her into the arms of the her sharp-eyed and palms against his chest, and he just launched a short distance of the thumb, did not let the abundance of soft breasts ironed on him, for the benefit of only lusty dragon sub.

Suan Ni fundus smile and strong hands of smoke pipes to replace his finger, plan to get in her cheeks pattern between the tube body, smooth, complex and cold, drew her trembling thrill.
Her cunning hearts foreboding masterpiece, warned her: the only Longzi not such a good deal, and her best first retreat, redraft the plan to fight coach outlet canada to live or die, and then come back and he saw his purple eye.

Only her Xianzu just moving, Ni is fast, her step light and petite, she is a cross picked up.

"Words can not express my sincere sit in terms of better to practice what you preach, little angel, I'll take you to see my father mother Princess, and ask them to make decisions, elective married for both of us." His actions, just being even elective can be provincial election today today.

Han Han of Shasha Guiya? !

Extension dimension too scared, so respond., Has been the face of the city to hold him, step by step on the ladder, she stared at him aghast, I saw he looks handsome, smiling, and a rush to hold her Jin Dongfang her back over God, violent struggle, unconsciously blurting Language and spiritual.:

"Put me down! Fast put me down you guys -"

"Introduction spirit? Truly heart consonance, the women sing husband With I happen to coach outlet store online also understand some of the statements were made spiritual ... small to show off, back at the the entrainment surgery force speech:" Boy's Do not struggle, you do not cuddle melon head into my chest, and you will fall. "

Two statements were made by the Spirit proposition, one asked him to put her down; want her like a spoiled cat, myself sent to the chest Hom ratio is Who Mana, Daoxing deep, can suppress the other -

Extension of the dimension of a small melon head, violently forced to intangible pressure abruptly to Suan Ni arms, even if she wanted to twist his neck, still lost to of Suan Ni surgery force powerful outrageous!

She seemed to be pro-hiding, but in fact embarrassed, embedded in his loss to the pit of the stomach at the the laughter he firmly concussion, listened very, very clear!

You - "She was in a rage, also stumped, surprised to have nothing to say.

Absolutely unpredictable, he could even spiritual words? !

Hand? Soft little hands should hook in my back of the neck, ah? "Gentle, the same as the language of surgery perfusion.

Resentment to the hand and took him by the throat, the worth of the unwilling unwilling to climb up his skirts, passing his throat, her angry groan ... Yin, helplessly coach factory outlet watching their own the Baiyu fingers, betraying her will, cross buckle In the rear of his neck, well-behaved coach outlet store online meekly, cling to him.

"You do not want too much!" She refused to take pretend tame, teeth warning him.

He pretending to be puzzled, "Did not you say you have been waiting for me? Say you suffered enough, come find me? Now you and I meet again, this hold the law, but to revisit when loving the performance, where excesses say? you can not tell me, when we were innocent, did not even hand Took. "

Suan Ni plugging her mouth of her cook up a lie to her first close to his old lover postures held unannounced purpose, but 90% of non-goodwill from his eye for an eye, just nothing.

His personality is - people do not make me, I'll prisoners; ten times if we are attacked.

She was sent home, he is too utterly foolish, he or depressed.

How he willing to easily let her go? Want to continue to play, do not come to a halt midway, bad his mood na.

The For Haizui prop out "This is all false lie, I just came to you to death!" She resisted the impulse in a pinch.

His uninhibited rash, deepened her lessons to his idea, and if she escaped, the next time want to approach him, absolutely will make his heart to prevent, if able to stay, afraid not find "disposal" He?

This to see a loved one, generosity, to take skin deep abduction person God 字辈 beast, she politely what?

She has not simply the destruction of many of his romance, not enough is not enough tatters Jiduo the peach, the point is not enough! She simply put only Longzi to thoroughly broke out, he could no longer make mischief for any person.

Positive juxtaposition of speech spiritual lose him it does not matter, she has a villain dedicated the word Spirit - to deal with his brother that a negative Xi - did not make out of it.

The extension dimension purge face, eyebrow knot caracal Organisation tired to write the lips, full obediently homing Zhang Yanli Tianxiao face re-advent.

"Oh, people, the so-called" Do not be too much ", you do not deprive other people's fun Well, what statements were made by the Spirit it? Where my hand just want to put in your neck? Really do not know the thoughts of others, or make fun of me, deliberately not ring true to my heart? "soft pulp, naughty and sultry, stroked the back of his neck skin and hair, Jiaochen saying.

"Oh? coach factory online Want to swing which?" Change strokes you? Line, he'd like to see what she was ready to play?

Throat. Unfortunately, not to say the timing of the answer.

"Of course the clothes under parts Hello." She Mei slightest hint.

Talking about this woman lied to not scratch, but not guilty stuttered, just being a veteran, and is definitely not first-time offenders.

"Suan Ni bend eye low laugh," I would like to ... I should have also loved you the look of, obviously, coach outlet online like a tender girl, but dare to play dare say, honest and likable. "

"I do not learn the female human set of" classic Do not Do not Do not, madam will find ...... "tweaking for state." She had via a human world, to hear the pieces did curiosity, from start to finish, only an idea : clear love, why Tuiju to the waited a long time? Tired? So do not like how brought errands hook up pestering hold it?

"I do not like, we two minds think alike." Suan Ni and Xiaotan: "I had how willing to leave you little things? Between coach purses outlet you and me, clearly is on the taste."

Man inconstant, the grass is always greener, succeeded countenance before and after already poor lot. "She laugh sound, to speak at this time look tone, touches her usual customary appearance.

"I can not remember why I want to leave you, I must be insane." Suan Ni breath full of remorse, and with a deep sense of regret.

Hmmm, you can not remember and then normal, because there is no such thing, I extend peacekeeping how malicious role, how can we possibly allow the men to abandon me as trash?

I was the only teasing men, the whole evil man's sake, which only male delusional hurt me, and then the practitioners of a centuries!

However, Ni had just remark, she listened refreshing!

I can not remember why I want to leave you, I must be insane.

To hear more know what's what! Implication, lost her extended dimension will wringing will regretted having done their own ignorance, will be denounced.

"Little angel, you do not hate me?" He get her temples wire comb, tone and eyes full of love and affection: "... a whole decade, is not short years, I am indifferent to you, and even meet again did not recognize you, how can you still willing to love me, and once again came to look for me, give me a second opportunity to have your? "Suan Ni remark coach outlet tentative majority, she would like to make a play, he will fight, and very attentive thrown her play points to play.