Telling a Friend or Relative

Mon, 11/10/2014


Having Chiari obviously changes your life. While no one suffers more than the Chiarian, it also affects those around you. Your family and friends will suffer along with you, so be grateful for the loved ones who remain by your side. 

Most Chiarians typically experience symptoms for years before being diagnosed. It is also very common for Chiarians to be misdiagnosed or told outright by doctors that there is nothing wrong with them. Many Chiarians, myself included, were relieved to find out that this wasn't all in our heads. We only wish that we didn't have to go years, or even decades (for me, it was 36 years), before finally finding out that we have Chiari.

The best thing to do is face Chiari head on, so do your research. Knowledge is power and ... 

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