Stress Management Tips: Part 7

Wed, 11/12/2014

The ICA Newsroom has been covering a three-part program called "Stress Management with Dr. Jay Winner." The third part of the program took place on Monday at Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, California.  

Winner is the author of "Take the Stress Out of Your Life" and is quoted as a stress expert on radio, television, newspapers, WebMD and 20 national magazines. He is a family physician who has been teaching about stress for more than 20 years. Winner's web site can be found at the following link:

To visit his Facebook page, please click on the following:

Among the things Winner discussed on Monday was "Stress and Sleep." He had the following tips:

*** Avoid caffeine at night.

*** Avoid heavy meals right before bed.

*** Regular exercise, but not right before bed.

*** Keep your bedroom dark, comfortable and quiet - and only for sleep and sex.

*** Have a regular routine such as a warm bath and/or meditating.

*** If you worry a lot, try writing your concerns down.

"Don't give yourself a hard time if your thoughts go somewhere else," Winner said. "That's human. Bring it (the thoughts) back to the present."  

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