Remembering Bryce Autry

Mon, 03/30/2015

It is three years ago today that Bryce Autry died at the age of six. Chiari took his life, but Bryce lives on in so many ways.

"Bryce was the first person that we added to the memorial section on our web site," said International Chiari Association (ICA) Founder/President Pete Dal Bello. "There is a picture of him wearing a Superman outfit. This is appropiate because Bryce was also a superhero.

"He was a hero in life, but also in death. In death, his heart, liver and both kidneys saved the lives of children in four states. In death, he remains a hero to many and that includes the ICA. Bryce inspires us to continue to help those with Chiari and the people that care about them.

"In only six years of life," Dal Bello continued, "he showed strength and courage while providing a long-lasting legacy. Superman was a fictional hero. Bryce Autry was a real hero."

To visit the ICA Memorial, please CLICK HERE.

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