ICA's Pete Dal Bello Running for City Council

Mon, 01/11/2016


Date: Monday, January 11, 2016

ICA's Pete Dal Bello Running for City Council

SANTA BARBARA, California - Pete Dal Bello, who is the founder and president of the International Chiari Association (ICA), announced at the all-volunteer nonprofit organization's Jan. 8 board meeting that he will be running for Santa Barbara City Council in 2017.

"I will look at all sides of every issue and with me common sense will always win out," Dal Bello said. "I've never been in anyone's pocket. The good people of Santa Barbara know that I will always do what is in the best interest of the people that live here, especially in the District 4 that I will represent."

District 4 consists of the Coast Village, Eucalyptus Hill, Upper Eastside, Lower Riviera, Riviera, Cielito, East San Roque and Foothill parts of town.

While Dal Bello cannot officially file his candidacy until the summer of 2017, he has been actively attending meetings and dividing his time between the ICA and his future campaign. In addition to attending the City Council and Finance Committee meetings, he has also attended the following meetings: Architecture Review Board, Library Board, Neighborhood Advisory Council, Water Commission, Historic Landmarks Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission.

"Outside of the city council and finance meetings, there was not a council liaison present at those six other meetings," Dal Bello added. "That means that a councilmember should have been in attendance and they were not there."

He will be attending at least 14 city-related meetings that are scheduled this month and will continue to be speaking at most of them. Dal Bello said that he will bring the same leadership skills to City Hall that he has shown throughout his presidency at the ICA. He said that one of the main reasons for the organization's growth has been due to the ICA's preparation, time management and attention to detail.

"What has motivated me to run was and has been the inefficiency and overreach of city government," Dal Bello said. "Some people talk about making something happen. Some watch others make it happen. I personally make things happen. I will continue to make things happen at the ICA and I will make things happen when I'm elected to the city council.

"This summer, I will hold a press conference to officially announce my intention to run for city council. I will discuss many of the issues that concern the people that live here and answer questions from the media afterward."

Dal Bello praised the volunteer hours of ICA Chiari Advisor Krista Pentecost and ICA Board Member Norma L. Uriarte who have assisted him during the past couple of months. He added that part of his councilman's salary will go towards hiring assistance to help the organization continue to stay efficient in serving the Chiari World.

"I will make Santa Barbara an even better place to live, work and play," he added.

Dal Bello will be the first known councilman anywhere to be a Chiarian (a person with Chiari). Chiari is a serious neurological disorder and Dal Bello had successful decompression surgery in 2009.

After he is elected, Dal Bello said that every day that he is at City Hall he will wear a suit with a purple tie. Dal Bello said that he will also be wearing his purple ICA bracelet and a purple ribbon lapel pin. Purple is the color for Chiari Awareness. When it was founded in 2011, the ICA was the first to actively promote the color and now purple is seen throughout the Chiari World.

Dal Bello, 44, is a Santa Barbara native. The ICA has helped those with Chiari and the people that care about them in all 50 states and 115 countries.

He also added the following: "I'm ready to run. I'm ready to win and I'm ready to serve."


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