ICA Remains in Santa Barbara with Big Plans

Mon, 03/26/2018

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The International Chiari Asociation (ICA) will remain in Santa Barbara, California, with plans for the future.

The ICA, which had planned to move to Texas with a new president, fell through and the all-volunteer nonprofit organizaton remains at home.

"I have been in frequent meetings regarding the future of the ICA," said Founder/President Pete Dal Bello, "and I'm excited about some of the projects that have been discussed."

Dal Bello, who is rumored to be running for mayor in 2021, has been busy overseeing city issues and business interests. He also has a TV show that will begin filming in April.

Chiari Awareness remains close to his heart. Dal Bello is always seen wearing a purple tie and discussing the ICA in business meetings.

"I always surround myself with good, quality people," said Dal Bello, "and that is how we are able to accomplish so many things at once. My board at the ICA, and elsewhere, have always assisted me and that is why I am so confident in the ICA's future."

Dal Bello said the ICA will have additional announcements in the future. The ICA Newsroom will return soon. 

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