ICA Looking for Walk Site Coordinators

Mon, 03/16/2015

The International Chiari Association (ICA) is looking for Walk Site Coordinators for its 4th Annual International Chiari Walk on Saturday, September 5.  

"We look forward to September 5 and hope that everyone participates to help spread Chiari Awareness," said ICA Founder/President Pete Dal Bello. "Since we are an international organization, the walks can take place anywhere in the world. We will also soon be unveiling a Chiari Awareness T-shirt which will be a fundraiser throughout the year."

The walks are FREE, but if you can make a tax-deducible donation the following is where the money will go:

50% Chiari Research
40% ICA General Fund (The ICA General Fund provides the resources necessary for the day-to-day activities of the organization.)
10% Chiarians' Assistance Fund (helping people with Chiari)

NONE of the donations from the walk goes toward salaries, rent, etc. The ICA is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. 

Walk Site Coordinators determine the time, location and distance for the September 5 walk. Since everyone's health is the most important thing, walkers can walk as far or short as they feel comfortable. Everyone is encouraged to wear purple, the color for Chiari Awareness.

If you would like to become a Walk Site Coordinator, feel free to contact Dal Bello at pete@ChiariAssociation.org . Please put "Chiari Walk" in the subject line.  

We thank you for your support.

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