Happy Birthday to the ICA

Wed, 04/08/2015

The International Chiari Association (ICA) is pleased to announce that it is four years old today. It was founded on April 8, 2011, by Pete Dal Bello with the support of Robert Mislang and Jason Floyd.

"I want to thank everyone for their continued support," said Dal Bello, who is also the ICA's president. "I'm so proud of the ICA's many accomplishments and I want to briefly mention a few of them here. Before we started, I kept hearing that only a handful of doctors could treat Chiari and that there is no research going on. Well, the ICA has a Doctor Directory (U.S. and International) and we report on Chiari Research, taking place all over the world, every Friday."

Dal Bello is also proud that more and more people are aware that purple is the color for Chiari.

"When the ICA started in 2011, many people thought they we were the ones that made purple the color for Chiari. Purple has been Chiari's color since the 1970s, but the ICA was the first to really push the color purple for Chiari Awareness. As many people have noticed, purple is everywhere at the ICA. We are proud to see purple throughout the Chiari World. Whenever you see purple, please think of Chiari and the ICA."

The ICA is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization.

Please tell your family and friends to visit and "Like" our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/chiariassociation ) and to stop by our web site ( http://www.chiariassociation.org ).

To remember the ICA with a tax-deductible donation, please click on the following link: http://www.chiariassociation.org/donate

We thank you for your continued support. 

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