The Future of Obamacare

Fri, 11/07/2014

Many people are either for or against Obamacare, which is also known as the Affordable Care Act.

Now that Republicans will be taking control of the Senate with Tuesday's elections, many readers are wondering about what will happen next. 

Will there be changes? If so, will they be major or minor changes to the health care law?

The ICA Newsroom looks at both sides of this issue so readers can see what is most likely ahead during Barack Obama's next two years in the White House. When he was elected, Obama came in with Democrats controlling both the Congress and the Senate. Now Republicans are in charge of both the Congress and the Senate.

While many Republicans talk about repealing the entire law, that is highly unlikely because they don't have enough votes in the Senate to overcome a presidential veto.

There will most likely be minor changes to the law while Obama is in office. For example, repealing a tax on medical devices has support from some members of both parties. 

To learn MORE about what is ahead, please click HERE and HERE.  

(EDITOR'S NOTE: In related news, the Supreme Court agreed today to hear a new challenge to Obamacare. They will look at tax credits, which is one of the law's most fundamental provisions. To learn MORE, please click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE).  

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