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ICA "Firsts" in the Chiari World

The International Chiari Association (ICA) was founded in 2011 and has already brought many exciting new things to the Chiari World. Among the "firsts" are the following:

*** A web site that is updated from Monday through Friday.

*** A web site that translates into other languages.

*** A newsroom that is updated from Monday through Friday.

*** A News Ticker

*** The International Chiari Association Network (ICAN) (becoming the first Chiari nonprofit to develop its own network on YouTube to feature Chiari-related videos). ICAN also includes "I'll Stand By You," which is the official song of the ICA and it can be found at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maAyfcO-X3k&index=6&list=PL32F5A5AD5818D35F

*** A frequently-updated Doctor Directory

*** List of Medical Centers with experience treating Chiari.

*** Chiari Mascots (Courage the Bear and Loyal T. Dog)

*** A web site dominated by the color purple (the color of Chiari)

*** Frequently reporting on Chiari Research from around the world.

*** The promotion of Fundraisers for Chiarians to help assist patients with medical expenses.

*** ICA Memorial

*** International Chiari Walk

*** Today's Well Wishes

*** Well Wishes Update

*** "Some Chiarians Also Have ..." section

*** Off the Notebook (a weekly column written by a rotation of columnists that each have Chiari)

*** ICA Arcade

*** Following a Chiari sufferer (Jennifer Elias) through an ongoing Chiari Study

*** From the President's Desk (a weekly letter written to readers by ICA Founder/President Pete Dal Bello)

*** Assisted AIMA-Child and Dr. Chiara Faustinelli with the first international statistics of patients suffering from Chiari and related disorders. There were 197 participants from 12 different countries. The ICA and organizations in Italy and Spain were part of the project that can be viewed at the following link: http://www.arnold-chiari.it/documenti_pdf/Presentazione%20Chiara%20Faustinelli%20inglese.pdf