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Dr. Dan Heffez

Medical Director

The Wisconsin Chiari Center
Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee
Orthopaedic & Neuroscience Institute
2301 N. Lake Dr., Room 1453
Milwaukee, WI 53211      
Phone: (414) 291-1078                                    
Fax: (414) 278-2806    
Web Site: http://www.wichiaricenter.org/

Dr. Bermans J. Iskandar

Pediatric Neurosurgeon
Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery Program

Pediatric Chiari Clinic
American Family Children's Hospital
1675 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792
Phone: (608) 263-6420
Web Page: http://www.uwhealth.org/findadoctor/profile/bermans-j-iskandar-md/6392

Dr. Daniel K. Resnick


Neurosurgery Clinic
UW Hospital and Clinics
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792
Phone: (608) 263-7502
Phone (Toll Free) 1-800-323-8942
Web Page: http://www.uwhealth.org/findadoctor/profile/daniel-k-resnick-md/7253