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The ICA's Doctor Directory is our list of medical professionals with experience treating Chiari. Most of them are neurosurgeons, but we've also included some neurologists because people often experience difficulty finding neurosurgeons who specialize in Chiari in their area.

The ICA is providing this directory as information only. We do not endorse or recommend one doctor over another and are not responsible for any interaction that you may have with them (appointments, surgeries, etc.). It is up to the Chiari patient to decide which doctor is best for them. If you decide to have surgery for Chiari, we recommend (if possible) that you seek the opinion of at least two neurosurgeons.

Since doctors often move, please call the office before visiting. If a doctor on this list has moved, please contact us so we can update our records. We are always looking to update this list, so let us know if there is a doctor we should add or if some information has changed by e-mailing us at hugs@ChiariAssociation.org . Please put "Dr. Directory" in the subject line.

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